One of the most popular gambling opportunities around for Australians is the beloved game of pokies. This form of gambling is available almost everywhere, online and at physical casinos.

While slots are plenty of fun to play, they are also a game of chance due to the built-in RNG that the games have. This means that players have less control over the outcome of each reel spin, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use odds and data to your advantage.

Know Your Odds

Before you begin playing slots anywhere, pay attention to the information available regarding the pokies game you’re considering. You need to look at the paytable that’s available to correctly calculate the likelihood of your winning ratio vs. losing ratio. Understanding this type of probability is highly recommended since you’d better be able to decide if the prizes on offer are worth the money you’re going to invest.

For paytables, for example, three cherries could payout 10 coins, three grapes could payout five coins, and any other three fruits in combination will payout 1 coin. This allows you to see cherries are the best combination, followed by grapes, while any different three fruit combinations are low paying, but it still will pay.

Use Data to Benefit Your Winning Chances

Now that you understand the paytable and your odds of winning on that particular game, you can begin to use this to your advantage. This means that you can track how often winning combinations show up, and deduce how this, in turn, will affect your odds of winning for the combinations you choose to bet upon.

By seeing how often a set combination of winning symbols appears during your period of playing, you can choose to focus your betting on that specific combination. Another way to do this is to see what kind of volatility the pokie game that you’re playing has.

One way to do this is to check whether the payouts it offers are high, which means that your overall winning chances are low, or, conversely, if the winning ratio is high, but the payouts for the game are low. To use this to your advantage, you should consider betting lower amounts for slot games that have lower paying but more frequently hit wins.

Manage Your Money

By using the odds and data shown on the pokies games to your advantage, you will be better able to manage your money and predict potential wins.

One of the best ways to manage your bankroll is to set limits on how much you’re going to be spending each time you play pokies. This can be a small amount for each session, or a larger amount that is set aside for a longer playing time. If you avoid chasing losses and don’t double down on big wins, then you’ll be able to keep your bankroll in check.

By managing your money well, and choosing the best online Australian pokies for you, you’re certainly in for a good time. However, as you know, the reels themselves are fun because they are unpredictable. So manage your risks wisely and bet conservatively, and you’ll be on your way to a time of great fun and entertainment.