Playing pokies, or slots as they’re known elsewhere in the world, is one of the top activities that people in New Zealand do to relax. The thrill of watching the reels spin and reveal patterns, insignias, and favorite characters is hard to beat. If you’re curious about what this kind of activity entails, then this post will cover some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to playing real money pokies online in New Zealand.

The Different Types of Pokies

Pokies are unique in that the gameplay may progress the same for most slots, but how it is presented differs greatly. This ensures a huge variety of machines and online games are available for patrons to pick and choose between. The most common types of pokies that you’ll find include:

Classic Pokies: This type of pokies offers the chance to tap into nostalgia and experience pokies just like your grandparents did. From classic fruit and number reels to limited combinations and usually only one pay line, these simplistic games are an old-school hit.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies: Almost all other pokies on this list can have a progressive jackpot feature built into them. These are games that are networked over a vast space at numerous online casinos and the money that gamers put into them has a portion placed towards a shared progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be hit by any of the games that are linked within the network at any time, making it an enticing option.

Video Pokies: Most video pokies games are ones which feature numerous special effects and animations that add to a video-style appeal. The games usually have multiple paylines available to hit and have five or more reels to play.

Megaway Pokies: This type of pokies game employs a random reel modifier mechanic, first created by Megaway, to change the game every turn. The symbols that appear on the reel spins can change from high to low amounts, and it’s incredibly popular due to how many more ways there are to win at the game, compared to other online pokies games.

Better Your Odds of Winning

Gambling with real money at online pokies is almost always a guaranteed good time. If you’re wondering how to up your odds of winning, then these are tips to keep in mind.

  • Choose Your Pokies Machine

If you’re planning to bet real money online to play pokies, then picking the pokies game you’ll enjoy most, and which offers a good return to the player is imperative. This allows you to not only have fun but also maximize your odds of winning money back. The online pay table will show the odds, and you can pick and choose between pokies games accordingly.

  • Budget Wisely

Along with picking a pokies game that you’ll enjoy playing, it’s good to choose a game by taking your budget into account. Each and every game give players the ability to enjoy their time playing pokies, but the amount of time you can dedicate to the game may be molded by the budget you have available. Low buy-in games will offer hours of fun, while higher bet slots will have bigger jackpots to win.

When it comes to spending time playing real money online pokies, Kiwis are spoilt for choice at which online casino haven to play at, and which games to choose. This makes finding the right online hub a fun adventure, as you seek the best pokies sites that you can enjoy spending your time at.