Strategies against Witchcraft was originally an e-mail sent to me from my prayer partner, Jason Kruse.  Jason agreed to publishing it here.  "If I can be a part of helping people get free, too, then absolutely feel free to include whatever you decide."

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How Christians can deal with Witchcraft by Jason Kruse

Dealing with witchcraft is by Rev. Jason Kruse © 2011,

Strategies Against witchcraft

The following are some very helpful things to keep in mind when dealing with witchcraft:

1. It usually always accompanies fear of some sort or kind. DO NOT GIVE INTO FEAR. Fear can allow the enemy to get right into the soul, when he otherwise cannot do so legally.

2. The enemy works with legality only, by trying to take the word of God and use it against us in his own twisted way. However on certain points where the Lord has warned us in scripture again and again, such as "Do not fear," "Do not be afraid," "Do not fear or be dismayed," .........if we do not heed these specific warnings, then the enemy can get into our lives.

 The very things we fear are the things that the enemy wants to see happen to us, which is why the Lord has warned us so many times. Those fears do not come from God, Who is love(which casts out all fear). God does not bring that kind of fear. We feel fear in a dreadful way, when the enemy is near or trying to attack, but it does not mean that we ever have to give into that fear and "be afraid." - "For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind."

3. So quoting the scripture verses that apply to the situation against the enemy are VERY IMPORTANT, even as Jesus did in the desert.

4. Take communion with the Lord by yourself at home after carefully examining your heart before Him for any confession of sin needed. Do this daily if necessary. Something of great life comes into your being by taking hold of the body and blood of the Lord Jesus in this most profound and often overlooked, spiritual way.

5. Remember that ultimately the battle belongs to the Lord, and it is not yours even though it feels like it very much so at times.

 The Lord will often allow a measure of it for a prolonged period of time, in order to develop "Patient Endurance" in us or "Long suffering," which are very important to Him and should be to us.

 So when there comes an attack, realize that it is because you are doing something right most of the time, and not something wrong. The enemy often leaves the people who are under his control or manipulation alone, to a degree, because they are not a threat, and therefore he must focus his attention and resources on those who do pose a threat.

6.  The enemy will almost always overplay his hand and continue to try and use the same weakness against you or I over and over again.

Once this is realized, then you know it is a lie and you simply disagree with those lies and take every thought captive into obedience to Christ by faith(this can be done by simply saying it out loud by faith......."I take that thought captive").

Then if thoughts keep trying to come at your mind, simply say out loud "I do not receive that," over and over if necessary. The enemy will eventually leave when he sees that you are resisting him and not giving in. Only when he sees a person cowering and fearful, or unwilling to confess a sin(which is pride that he can see in us) at times too, does he continue to press the attack.

7. The enemy is NOT omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful) or omnipresent (everywhere at the same time). Only God (Jehovah) is and He can route the enemy away from any one of His children within a nano-second. There are many more for you, than will ever be against you. God can create more angels whenever he wants to. The devil can create NOTHING!  The devil is not God.

8.  Usually God is trying to teach us something when attacks occur in our lives. Sometimes what He is trying to teach us is as practical as: getting something out of the house, car or environment that is evil and attracting the enemy, like certain: movies, jewelry, symbols, books, pictures, art, etc. Anything that does not accompany a very plain perfect peace from God should be gotten rid of. Making sure those things are off your property that you possess, by having them hauled away to the trash dump or burning them is the best way.

9. Try not to complain or grumble about the attacks, but immediately take the situation to the Lord by faith (Sometimes that is the only way to take it to God because feelings cannot be trusted at times when the enemy is working against us in a strong manner) and ask the Lord by seeking Him about what He is trying to reveal to you or develop within you. It could be: thanksgiving, which is a powerful weapon because it releases an immunity against the enemy.

10. Praise and Thanksgiving OUT LOUD have been 2 of the most powerful weapons that have helped me through years of warfare and dealing with the enemy. Singing in a Strong and Powerful manner, with BOLDNESS makes a MAJOR DIFFERENCE! I have seen this reality at work so many times that it cannot be counted in my life. When you get bold and loud at times, it shows then enemy that YOU ARE SERIOUS AGAINST them and they will be smitten with terror at times!! Bless God! This does not mean you need to always shout the devil down, but sometimes it is a must because one of the enemies tactics is to make you and I feel awkward, embarrased and ashamed about DEALING WITH him! Thereofre we MUST GET BOLD AND LOUD at times.

 Praise precedes the victory. Especially if you can get ahold of some Warfare Praise Music and sing that out LOUD with Thanksgiving!  A few Warfare Praise singers and groups are:  Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ,  Kirk Franklin, Christian International with Dean and Lisa Mitchum, Robert Gay with High Praise Worship Center.... and one of my absolute favorites: MorningStar Music with Don Potter, Leonard Jones, Suzy Wills(Maiden name) and more.

11. Humble yourself before the Lord by casting all your cares upon Him. That is how we do it according to the book of Peter. It says "Therefore humble yourselves under the Mighty hand of God, casting all your care upon Him because He cares for you."  For God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

When you are walking in grace, life is much easier then otherwise. Walking under the yoke that is easy and the burden which is light is walking in the grace of the Lord Jesus, by the Spirit of Grace, Who has been given to each one of us who have asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

12.  If you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, then you need to IMMEDIATELY! For He is the Source of our POWER and we cannot live this Christian life the way God wants us to without that power and all that the Holy Spirit brings with His baptism, including: Boldness, Peace, Joy, Righteousness, Greater Security, Comfort and much more!

Amen and Glory be to God!

Rev. Jason Kruse,

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