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By George Hartwell M.Sc.

George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice.  To learn all About George or his professional practice see: George's Professional web site, Christian marriage counselling, Christian phone therapy, and Christian Marriage Retreats.  To e-mail George click on:

One of the best prayer for money - $ - finances is to express faith in God as Provider.  Faith of the heart in God as Provider means that you trust that the very nature of God is to nurture His creatures.  Praising God as Provider expressing your faith and helps what you are praying for to manifest. Thank God that His intention is to bless us, to supply for us, to prosper us in all we do. 

How to use Listening Prayer and Inner Healing for Finances

There are memories, core beliefs and generational issues blocking God's flow of finances in your life and mine.  When you notice fear or anxiety around spending go into the 3 step listening prayer:
1.  What memory, core belief or generational attitude is behind this money fear?
2.  What belief statement is supported in this memory or generational attitude?
3.  What is your truth God?  Listen and note what happens.  Receive without judging at first.

When I did this I received a revelation from God that God was my Provider, my "more than enough" Provider!  That one listening prayer did a lot to break a poverty mentality off me.

One can also use forgiveness of sins to pray for finances, money needs.  You may attend a Christian worship service where forgiveness of sins is pronounced each service.  Use that service to bring your request for forgiveness of sins to God and to rejoice that you are forgiven.  Jesus died for our sins.

Why would you ask for forgiveness of sins when praying for money and finances?  Well "forgive me Father for not having greater confidence and faith in your willingness and ability to provide for my needs."  "Forgive me for not being fully grateful for all the times and ways that you have provided for me."  "Forgive me Father for not fully believing that you are good; that you are love: that you are My Provider."

You can impliment a powerful principle when praying for finances.  You can demonstrate your faith in God as Provider by becoming a provider for others.  Give finances to others in need.  Pray for finances for others.  Bless everyone's finances. 

Remember that Jesus said if you really want to be forgiven you must forgive others; in the same way, if you really are trusting God as Provider you will give to others.  I mean giving that you can be cheerful about, not grumpy and resentful.  God loves a cheerful giver.

Please do not attack Satan or evil principalities and powers in your prayer for money.  Damning the devil is not effective.  Engaging evil is not wise.  Doing what you do not have authority is to live out of a dangerous delusion.  Focus on the light; on God's love, on God's nature.

God inhabits the praises of his people.  That is why the first thing I said is to praise Jehovah Jireh - Our Provider.  Praise invites, naming calls (invokes) God.  Invite and invoke God, not the devil.  Focus on the positive - God as Your Provider.  Praise Him as such. That is a good way to express your prayer for finances, a healthy prayer for money.