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What is Prayer Therapy / prayer counselling?

What is prayer therapy / counselling is © 2010 George Hartwell M.Sc.,
 About George Christian counsellor, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

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George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice.
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Listening Prayer Therapist - George Hartwell M.Sc.

George Hartwell M.Sc - 
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What is Prayer Therapy / prayer counselling?

My definition of prayer therapy.
Prayer therapy is professional quality therapy where a Christian counselor uses prayer intervention to bring healing to people's  lives and core beliefs so that one can live out of a healthier identity and self-concept.

The client in prayer therapy engages a skilled Christian professional who can facilitate God's healing intervention in their life.  It is for the person who wants God to heal their life and wants a a trained objective Christian professional to guide them into their journey to inner healing and their new identity in Christ.  The professional using prayer therapy will use professional interview skills, experience with people's life patterns and other forms of effective therapy as appropriate to bring about the client's goals.

In our definition of prayer therapy -

What prayer therapy is not:

Can a person do Prayer Therapy on their own?

Prayer therapy is not usually effective on our own..  One does not do Prayer Therapy on their own.  Trying to pray about emotional problems on your own - without professional imput - is almost always ineffective

If you do go to a professional for counseling and they do not do prayer, then combine the professional sessions with prayer on your own, or with a prayer partner.  You must write down key insights from the session as they are revealed by the counselor.  Take these to prayer.  That is effective.

The first reason that prayer therapy on your own is not effective is that you do not know what to pray for.  A professional often can be used by God to hit the right target on the head.  They provide the needed outside viewpoint that we usually lack.

Do you need to have Faith for Prayer Therapy to work?

No.  The effectiveness of Prayer Therapy does not depend on your faith.  If you are with a Christian counselor who uses Prayer Therapy you can rest assured that they will have faith.

Faith and effectiveness is enhanced by:

For an outline of the steps on a prayer therapy session see: 7 components of Heal My Life Prayer Therapy.  These steps are as follows:

  1. Goal clarification in prayer counselling.

  2. The opening prayer in prayer counseling.
  3. Declaration of Purpose or Intent.
  4. Jesus Proclamation in prayer therapy.
  5. Asking God for forgiveness.
  6. Set the scene for Jesus healing of the memory.
  7. Consolidation of new identity.

"Only you (God) can heal my life," says the song that was the inspiration for the URL - the store for most of my earlies articles on Listening Prayer Therapy.  Some of the topics: listening prayer therapy, Listen to God - a safe way of doing Christian inner healing using Listening Prayer Therapy,

Do you want to explore specific prayers for prayer therapy?  Do your own investigation of these prayer therapy formats developed by George Hartwell M.Sc.:

1 Put it on the Altar - a prayer of letting go

2 Grief and Comfort - prayer therapy in grief and loss

3 Releasing Anger - creative viualization of releasing anger

4 Letter to God - a way to practice listening to God

5 Burden Exchange - letting go of an old identity

6 Projecting the Healing Forward in Life

7 Cleanse the Temple - letting go of idols (including People Pleasing)

8 Peace with Heaven - opening up communication with God

9 Healing of Trauma

10 Listening Prayer for Dreams

11 The Children's Garden

12 Listening Prayer Journal

13 Christian desensitization of fear

Testimonies about Prayer Therapy

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