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Inner Healing Prayer for Shame and Cancer

Inner healing prayer for Shame © 2009 by George Hartwell M.Sc.  George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice.  About George (professional therapist, Professional-practice-home   
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Shame is more than an emotion like fear or grief.  Like these emotions is registers in the emotional brain ('heart') as a deeply painful feeling.   Shame can be seen in you when you want to hide or disappear as if you are a thoroughly bad person. You hang your head or hunch down, sagging your shoulders. You can’t look anyone in the eye.There is a reason for the pain in shame.

During shame you may even say you want to die.  I believe that the origin of your feelings of shame is rooted in early experiences of the family, group, tribe or social group sending signals of rejection from the group.  One is ostracized, shunned by the tribe or excommunicated by your religious family.

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Deal with a (possible), well hidden 'death wish' in the person with cancer.

There is need for discernment because many report that a large majority of cancer patients have a strong (but hidden) death wish.  They may have given up hope on life.  This set of the inner person against life will not be healed by prayers for the healing of the cancer.  Even if the cancer is healed, the patient may die.  The real problem may not be the cancer (symptom) it may by the patient (unconscious choice to die.)

This is why it is important to seek God's wisdom in listening prayer - Step One: listen to God (above).  Watch closely and ask some questions to discern the heartiness of the person's commitment to live, reasons to live.  Were they closely bonded to one person who became their life and this person died in the last five years or so?

One of the profiles of the cancer patient is a life where only one parent was the source of love and where only one other person was allowed into their heart.  When that one person dies then they quietly let go of life.  (Even if you are married to such a person you may not be the one person that they bonded to.  It might be another love, or a child.)

If you have cancer repent of any possible wish to die and choose life daily.  Ask God to strengthen your will toward life.  Affirm out loud: "I chose love, life and God."  Live your commitment to life by praying for, blessing and loving others without judgement or evaluation.

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