Alcoholism and Inner Healing Prayer Therapy

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1. What is the Cause of Alcoholism?

The root cause of alcoholism is the need for power - an independent will.  A person displays a need for power when the natural healthy development of their will has been stifled.  They have not been given age appropriate opportunities to make decisions.  They have not been able to express their will.  They cannot stand on their own two feet.

The parent who stifles a child's will can best be described as controlling.  Another word to describe this person is dominating.  They dominate other people.  They block their own choices.  They impose their will on others.  They can break a child's will.  This leaves a person vulnerable to alcohol use a substiture for inner self confidence and courage.

Bill's mother was very Catholic and imposed church attendance, prayers with the Rosary and Bible reading on Bill until he was 7.  He was controlled by being told that certain actions were sin.  Not eating the peas on his plate was sin.

Bill's will had been stifled, broken.  His personality shaped towards People Pleasing (Performance Orientation).  Inner healing prayer therapy was needed to free his will from mother's dominance, repentance for drinking and Jesus to strengthen Bill's will.

Bill drank to the point of drunkenness from the time he was 15 years old until he became a Christian at age 24.  He was drunk 1,000s of times. He fits the pattern of someone who has been dominated turning to extreme use of alcohol.

2. Three Inner Healing Prayers to Break free of Alcoholism

First: Use of the Jesus in Between Prayer.  We used this prayer to symbolically break mother's domination of Bill.  He portrayed the domination by picturing mother's hand upon his head.  Then we invited Jesus to come in between Bill and his mother.  The Holy Spirit then allowed Bill to imagine Jesus intervening.  Jesus moved Bill away from mom.

The second listening prayer we did was to renounce drinking to the point of drunkenness.  We pictured Bill meeting with Jesus to describe to Jesus the first time he got really drunk and to ask Jesus for his word.  Jesus understood that Bill needed to come to Jesus for comfort and strength and that he did not know who he was at age 15 years.

A third inner healing prayer to renounce the drinking involved a meeting with Jesus by the deep lake and tossing bottles in the water to represent renouncing each incidence of drinking to drunkenness.   This deep lake represents the depth of God's love, forgiveness and healing power.


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