Inner Healing - Forgiveness Prayer - asking God for forgiveness of sins

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What is an Inner Healing Forgiveness Prayer?

Forgiveness is reconciling with God.  Inner healing forgiveness prayer is done to provide the participant with an experience of love and a renewal in our relationship with God and assurance of fogiveness of sins. 

Assurance of sins in inner healing is not a human proclomation of assurance of forgiveness of sins.  It is not a representative of the church proclaiming forgiveness of sins.  It is a spiritual experience of the forgiveness of sins.  It is opening ourselves up to God's still small voice spoken to us - a living word of God, a revelation of God's word to us, a Rhema word.

In a forgiveness prayer we will ask God for forgiveness for our sin - some particular sin and be open to listen for and receive God's response and assurance in listening prayer.  To do this we will need to be frank and clear about what our sin is.  We put a name to the particular sin or weakness that we are taking to God.

Confession or Expressing Forgiveness Prayer

If a forgiveness prayer is to work we need to speak or write down the prayer.  We need to name the sin out loud to someone or write it in a letter to God.  This outward expression helps the process to be experienced as real.

Expressing or talking about our sins (weaknesses, faults) is called confession.  Confession means that we have become open with God.  We got real with God.  We stopped hiding from God.

Confession - being open and real with God - is a Biblical condition for forgiveness.  If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins, says the Apostle John (1 John 1:7).

Absolution - Receiving Forgiveness of Sin

To receive the sense of forgiveness in the heart takes another step.  Sometimes a minister, priest or lay person will declare the forgiveness of sins to you.  They will proclaim that you are forgiveness; sometimes called the Absolution.  This is good; it is just not listening prayer.

Ministering Forgiveness of Sin

In therapy for emotional healing (inner healing) I will let Jesus minister assurance through listening prayer.  I may start by setting up a Dialogue with Jesus Scene.  I might say:  "Imagine a place where you and Jesus can talk safely and privately.  Picture a place where you would feel comfortable.  This place can be real or imagined."

In this scene, I will tell you, imagine you have just confessed your sin to Jesus.  How does that feel?

Next I will ask you to ask Jesus (in your imagined scene) "Does God forgive me?"  Let Jesus answer in the imagined scene.  The 'answer' may be in words or it may be in a feeling.  It is okay if God speaks to us in many different ways.

 (Do not let your head come in with the answer for Jesus.  The thinking brain often thinks it knows the right answer.  We do not want the right answer; we need to hear assurance from God.)

When you have heard assurance from Jesus then let that sink in to your heart.  Recite it (that is repeat what he said.)  Soak in prayer for a minute or two.  Let yourself feel the impact of his assurance.

Know that you are loved, accepted and forgiven by God.

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