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A curse is sometimes defined as "the invocation of supernatural power to inflict harm upon someone or something."

My definition of curse is much broader because I believe that our words spoken with intensity carry the energy of love or hatred, of life or death.  We can be effected the attitude of hatred, bitterness or revenge in somone's heart.  That is why Jesus is so insistent on our forgiving from our heart.

My definition of a curse is the harmful energy released against another by the use of witchcraft, hateful words, slander, by one's hateful attitude and by negative and, even, controlling or 'witchcraft' prayer by a Christian.  Hearing and not refusing a message from a psychic, gypsy, or fortune teller acts the same way.  A negative diagnoses by a medical doctor, a negative prediction by a school guidance teacher, taunts by your peers, things said during discipline by your parents, any and all of these can and do act as curses.

By the way, Spiritual Warfare can backfire like a curse.  Many Chrisitan practice demonically inspired 'spiritual warfare' which also acts like a curse and backfires on the participants.  All of these actions can cause the victim and the perpetrator to come under demonic harassment and oppression.  See: Leanne Payne's autobiography "Heaven's Calling", page 102, 102.

Included in my definition of a curse:

  1. Negative words spoken about one's identity or future.

  2. An 'evil' prophecy over your life, meaning any message or prediction given to you by a psychic, palm reader, reader of horoscopes, fortune teller, ouiji board, seance, gypsy or even an 'angel of light' source of an 'evil' prophecy over your life.  If you listen to and do not reject a negative word of evil origin, it is as if you agreed to it.  The Evil One is given authority to fulfill that in your life.
  3. Intense negative feelings toward one of hatred, jealousy, envy - feelings with 'murderous' intent.
  4. Negative prayers that carry negative intent, that focus in the wrong outcome, and that are meant to control.
  5. So called 'spiritual warfare' that acts to attract enemy fore on those who practice it.
  6. Actual witchcraft, wicca, Satanism and all related spiritual practices which can used to direct evil against a victim.  At this point these practices have penetrated the church and are being used by some pastors to enhance their wealth, success, popularity and to punish those who leave their church or confront them.  This is also practiced in the workplace in a struggle for wealth, power and position and will be unleashed against Christians without their knowledge causing physical ailments.  Spells may be used to attract men (or women) and may be breaking up marriages because some woman wants your husband.  The information as to how to cast spells, do curses, etc is now available on the internet and one can order the appropriate kits and instructions.

1.  The Power of our Spoken Words to Curse

 In the Bible account of creation, God breathed His spirit into mankind to give us life.  God's Spirit forms our spirit.  Our (God given) spirit shares some of the attributes of God's Spirit.  It has energy to bring life or death.

That is why the Bible warns us to choose life; why Jesus says that we are accountable for the words we speak.  Jesus tells us that words spoken in hatred are like murder.  In other words, words spoken in hatred have 'murderous energy.'

Therefore any word I speak conveys my spirit and has the potential to curse or bless.  

Spoken words give breath to our thoughts (breath and spirit are closely related) and either blessing or curse.  

That is why my definition of a curse includes any word spoken against another; harm put into words; words that  convey death and hatred against the life and spirit of another. 

On the other hand, spiritual life goes forth as we speak holy words, inspired words, prophetic words in faith.

2.  The Power of Intense Negative Emotions to Curse

Jesus clued us in to the fact that hateful feelings are like a curse.  Hateful anger is 'like murder,' said Jesus.  Our spiritual impact is our state of being.

Our deep intense feelings identify what is in our heart and spirit.  What is in our spirit does effect another's spirit and life.  In the spirit we are connected.  We are not alone.  Hate (envy, jealousy) against you in my inner being does oppress you (and me).  A negative state of being when directed against another brings death - acts like a curse.

My definition of a curse must include negative emotions in someone's inner being directed against another.  Hatred, jealousy and envy can harm another's life and spirit.

On the other hand, spiritual victory is our state of being when, like Jesus, light, hope, joy and peace are within and holiness emanates from God's Holy Spirit within us.

3.  Negative Prayers have the Power of  a Curse

Words (beliefs), emotion (heart), intentions (will), and vision (imagination, spirit) go into our prayers.  Prayers have the capacity to do great good or harm.  Yes I realize you may have never considered that prayers can do harm, but most power can be used for good or ill. 

Effective prayer and spiritual victory flows from our inner being.  If our inner being is filled with love, joy, peace and faith then our prayers are effective for good.

But what if our inner being is filled with hate, judgment, pessimism and negative expectations?  Then our prayers are effective in doing harm and bringing about the negative that we believe.

My broad definition of a curse must now include negative prayers directed against another.  Negative prayers can and do harm another's life and spirit.

4.  Unhealthy Spiritual warfare does harm like a curse.

There has arisen in the land a demonically inspired teaching that makes people think that they are 'Prayer Warriors' who have the power to bind Satan.  They have been taught to focus on the demonic with such practices as 'spiritual mapping.'  They launch prayer compaigns to deal with territorial spirits over cites, nations, etc. 

People in this mind set focus on Satan and the powers of darkness.  Unconsciously they are in anger against God.  Unconsciously they can not

Jesus granted authority to cast out demons not to bind Satan.  Daniel did not bind the "prince of Persia" that hindered the answer to his prayers.  Daniel 10:13.  Evidently even the archangel Michael "did not dare bring a slanderous accusation against (the devil) but said, 'The Lord rebuke you."  Jude 9.  We now know that Christians come to harm when they do not know their place in the heavenly hierarchy.

Spiritual action is ineffective when the focus is negative.  The charge (command) not to resist evil (Matthew 5:39) is there because it puts your heart out of harmony with God's Spirit.  A strong response to darkness entangles (bonds, yokes) you to darkness cutting you off from God's guidance and protection.  "Be not unequally yoked with darkness" (2 Corinthians 6:14).   To stay separate do not respond to the energies of evil.

Specifically this means do not swear at Satan in anger; do not invite Satan to fight with you; do not "bind" Satan.  Those who do so are in the flesh, in grandiose delusion and totally out of place.  This is dangerous and does attract the attention of evil forces.

I suggest do not partner with groups who do this.  Do not at any time think there is ever any time that anyone or any group has any authority to do this type of 'spiritual warfare.'  Believing so will prove to be dangerous.

Because this kind of prayer has effects like a curse, my broad definition of a curse could also include railing at the devil and all prayers 'binding' Satan or principalities or powers.  If you have done this and feel that you are under a curse, this is why.  This sin brings harm against you EXACTLY like a curse, only you did it to yourself!

My broad definition of a curse includes prayers directed against darkness and evil. These prayers bind you to evil and expose you to evil with results just like a curse.

The creative flow of the Spirit is more powerful than evil.  Light overcomes darkness.  Keep your eye on Jesus and do not be fascinated with evil.  There is great power in simply praising God for who He is.  "God inhabits the praises of his people."

5.  The use of the rituals of witchcraft, wicca, Satanism etc. to generate evil power against the victim

Curses practiced with the use of the rituals of of witchcraft, wicca, Satanism, shamanism, voodoo and so on.  The results of this 'working of iniquity' is very real with various levels of  power.  There are very deep levels of these arts that are very powerful that we do not want to know about.  Just be aware that we are talking about very real powers having very real effects and sometimes an ongoing effect something like spiritual harassment.

Do not be mislead by quick answers from pastors or others who teach that this has no effect on Christians.  In some cases - the early missionaries in China - God's servants were sealed with the sign of the cross.  This was discerned by witch doctors who quickly found out that curses did not work against God's servants.  They stopped trying to curse these Christians.  The reason?  Possibly a demonically inspired curse that is not able to be fulfilled against the intended victim, returns to sender!

No doubt the power and authority of a Christian, who walks in power and authority, works miracles and is filled with God's Spirit and in full communion with God, goes way beyond that of the normal with or fan of wicca.  They do not tap in ot much.  We receive authority from the one who has all authority in heaven and on earth - our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, we have a lot of learning to do, a lot of sanctifying, of drawing near to God to be able to defeat these powers.  I am just learning and sharing what I know that works.  Please share you experiences with me so we can learn together.

What is a Curse is by © George Hartwell M.Sc. 2009, www.HealMyLife.com, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The Damage a Curse does and Where it might come from (Feb 2012)

Dear Sir,  I was searching on the Internet in hopes of finding an answer to many questions that ponder my mind surrounding curses.  For several years I have felt that someone had cursed me and my family because every since I met and married my husband we have had troubles in our family.

 First, my husband and I had a rocky relationship do to his infidelity and lies.  Second, once our son was born, trouble has followed him since he begin school into his adulthood.  Trouble also followed our daughter and both of our children got into trouble with the law.

 My son’s mind seem to be very troubled and my daughters too!  I believe that the woman that my husband has an older daughter with before I met him is the cause of all of our troubles.  I have always felt that her and her family engaged in some form of witchcraft and I have never trusted any of them.

When my children were young, my husband would carry our children around them without my permission.  They have always been jealous of us and I tried my best to help my husband see the evil in them.

Now, our son is in prison and our daughter is a lesbian.  We have no grandchildren and I truly believe that his daughter and her mother and their family engage in evil against us.  I pray constantly that God will keep them far away from us and to never let them come near me and my children again.  However, I did not begin to pray these prayers until after my children had gotten into trouble.  I did not think anyone could actually be so evil to want to harm another person’s future but now I truly believe that is the case with my husband jealous daughter and her mother and other family members.

My quest to you is that you help  me in finding a prayer that can break, remove and destroy any and all curses ever prayed, spoken, hoped, wished, chanted, casted, written or in any form sent against me and my children in the name of Jesus.  I know that with God and through prayer&ldots;every and all curses can be broken, removed and destroyed in the name of Jesus.

Please help me and my family.  Our life depends on God’s mighty deliverance from all curses and of course his mercy and grace and salvation.  I thank you in advance for your spiritual guidance and may the Lord bless you and keep you always!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!   

Listening-Prayer Answer:

It is shocking that people could be so evil.  But they can be.  Many are in ignorance of this because it is a painful shock to look such evil in the face.  It is frightening, but true.

Do not look for a prayer to break through this evil energy and remove the demonic powers released by these workers of iniquity.  You must learn to learn from, trust in and walk in the energy of the Holy Spirit to overcome.  Not one prayer but a life of prayer.  Not plead to God but partner with Him in overcoming evil.

Listening-Prayer has several suggestions for prayers of protection.  Find those you like and be prepared to be diligent in prayer, constant in prayer, daily in prayer for protection.

Listening-Prayer outlines several prayers against curses.  Some of these are to be used daily.  Others can be used daily until victory is won such as "Jesus in Between."

Just as those who work iniquity use physical substances and rituals to enhance the power of their evil intentions, you too, may use physical substances and dramatic rituals to add energy to your prayers.  Catholics have used (and you do not have to be Catholic to do this) holy water, blessed salt and anointing oil.  Learn how to make these yourself and then use these around where you live.

As a ritual you may use prayers written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to how to deal with this.  Work hard as to the crafting of this prayer then just recite it daily after that.

Praise and worship.  The anointing that breaks the yoke is created in worship and through praises as 'God inhabits the praises of his people.'  What you talk about, name and praise is what you are calling into reality, so name God and speak his name and the authority He has over all evil. 

This is a battle to life or death not a one-time prayer.  Fight for you life.  Take up the 'weapons of your warfare' and start to fight. 

When you (this applies to any reader) have a plan written out then e-mail it to me and I will answer questions or add suggestions.

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