Shame Curse - further discussion with example from childhood.

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A Conversation about the Shame Curse

Dear George,

Pleasant good day, another lovely day that is shared!  Shame curse is in all areas of our lives.  When I was born called a mistake - the first child of teenaged mother.  The father did not own or acknowledge me.  Two brothers do not acknowledge me.  I was born in our local countryside.  Walked among relatives as nobody.

My husband, ninth child of ten, was called a burden.  All of our lives were punctuated with shame curse in our childhood / followed us into adulthood.

Our children are crunched down under the burden of shame in many ways.  We do not get the hang of it in social groups.  Limping along in shame curse.  Husband’s mother is 100 years old.  He never showed any active interest in her.  My mother is 73 years old.  My mother had stroke January 2010.  We are stuck and not able to show lively interest.  No gas to come and go.  But it did not start with rising gas prices.  Just a deep seated need.

I am A Christian.  By faith I do believe that God honours and makes me a real Christian.  I searched computer How do I break a curse and came upon your material.

Currently, we are not functioning to pay our bills.  I know that we are under a curse.  I am Christian and alive in spirit.  I can see the deep spiritual needs.  Husband does not acknowledge any spiritual needs / He is professed Christian well respected in church circles / I am identified as the problem baggage.  Church group does not acknowledge my voice.  I am just disregarded.  God kept us afloat all these years.  By faith, I believe that I pray to a true real God.  I believe that true real God is keeping us.   A true real God keeps me alive in my spirit.

We raised 5 children.   They are at odds with me in varying ways.  We are all souls in God’s eyes.  Right prayers can help us.  God can seal us in His protective care.  We can open our hearts to God for God’s deep healing and cleansing. 

I read your Your Good Mom / Bad Dad article.  It seems helpful since this does not make me the invisible problem in their lives. 

God's child

Dear God's child,

The Shame Curse is deep rooted in our hearts and lives and those roots release ongoing toxin into our lives.  That means that deep rooted salvation, healing, therapy is needed to dislodge those root experiences.

The experiences that build the shame curse are often repeated in small ways.  They are ongoing experiences of a certain sort.  Because they are repeated they are 'natural' to the social group.  If someone in the group, that is, family, does not have a voice that is accepted as natural and right.  It is even 'enforced' if someone tries to break the pattern!

The 'victim' often accepts this social reality, this family 'truth.'  'That is just the way things are.'  That means that, as a child, one just accepts that this is the reality of life, of being you, of how others did not 'see' you.  That means years of emotional experience being laid down in your emotional brain before you ever het a 'mind of your own' to question and think for yourself.

This makes this "curse" much more ingrained into the person's psyche.  The core root belief system of the child subjected to shame is going to choose to accept or unconsciously accept the implication of the shame message.  The implications of the shame message are devastating to one's worth, one's expectation of oneself, others and God, of one's right to be alive, well and prospering.

Breaking the Shame Curse

Healing from the Shame Curse, or breaking the Shame Curse, is different from breaking a normal curse.  That is be expected because it is not only a curse from one person spoken against another, it is a tribal 'pointing of the finger,' and it is deeply received and believed in childhood and, therefore, imbedded in the emotional brain (Biblical 'heart').

Life Transformation Therapy is needed as well as the tools of breaking a curse.

The "Jesus in Between" Prayer

I have used the Jesus in Between prayer in an article on breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.   As I describe prayers for breaking of a curse my step two is Jesus in Between.  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  From

In an aritcle on this site - - called How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between' - a Christian Perspective on breaking Curses and Spells.

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