Difficulties with curses from Christian believers and the "return to sender" solution

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Difficulties with curses from Christian believers and the "return to sender" solution

People following my instructions have sometimes struggled in breaking curses.  Rev. Kruse suggests a reason and another solution.  When one who is (or was) in Christ speaks a curse (in any of the forms I have discussed including negative prayers and negative spoken words) it has higher authority behind it. 

This means that to break it you must have such authority - be in Christ by proclomation, baptism and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  What Christ or Christian means is the anointing with the Holy Spirit. 

Rev. Kruse suggests that "return to sender" may be the only effective response with a curse released by one in the Christ anointing.  He also goes beyond that and uses this with the curses of nonbelievers.

I am hesitant to take this simple step.  However, it is fairly well known that curses that are broken do 'return to sender.'  I have a couple of testimonies and other sources that provide evidence and support that principle.

I feel compelled to develop another response that better represents the love and wisdom of Jesus.  Out of love for the curser Jesus suggests that we pray for the one who curses us and bless them.  Jesus does not authorize us to curse back; he tells us to bless. 

Jason and I discussed some of the blessings that might be appropriate to one who sends a curse.  One blessing is to wake up to the fact that what they sow they will reap.  That is God's law.  When one judges one will be judged.  This is a basic lesson in the 'fear of the Lord' - the realization that spiritual law is universal, not optional and, therefore, there are consequences for breaking spiritual law (sin).

Here is Jason's perspective.  I, however, believe that there is a better alternative than this.

Content contributed by Rev. Jason Kruse - www.propheticoutreachintl.com

 "There is power and authority resident in the believer in Christ, as a High Priest to see any curse, no matter who it came from broken off of our lives, with all of its negative affects.

Since a believer has the authority of Christ in Him to speak a either a blessing or a curse and God resides within he or she it has greater weight and authority than that of an unbeliever, who has no authority from the Lord.

Therefore when dealing with a curse, once it has been realized (the feeling of dread, fear, panic, confusion, sudden loss, health problems, financial problems), that have come for seemingly no apparent reason, then  with unbelievers it can simply be cancelled. Since a believer stands in Christ, if he or she is the one to release the curse, then he or she is the only one who can cancel, nullify or void it. So in the believers case, we return it to the sender.   So when one with the 'Christ anointing' sends the curse (released the curse) then it must be reversed and returned to the sender.

If it was released from an unbeliever, whether they be a witch, warlock or someone who is just plain angry with you, it can be cancelled, nullified and void or returned to the sender(I would suggest both to be sure about it). I have personally seen and experienced times when nullifying, cancelling and voiding did not work. Yet reversing and returning would work every time.

The does not have to be complicated either. Whenever someone speaks ANYTHING NEGATIVE out of their mouths against another person, it is a curse and a word of death. Even if someone is praying and they are a Christian, with a prayer that is entirely Ungodly, with the motive of revenge on another, anger, hurt, etc.......that prayer is a curse (and acts as a curse) toward the one whom they are praying about.

So we simply return the curse to the sender, as a High Priest, because the believer who sent it is the only one who can cancel, nullify or void their own curse, judgment or prayer prayed amiss. This is because of Christ, again, within the believer. Since their is no greater authority than Christ and He is joined and one with every believer, no one else has the ability to render their curse void except themselves. However, the one whom the curse was sent to, does have the God-given right to return it to the one who sent it, even as David spoke of in the Psalms. There is definitely a distinction between a believer sending it and an unbeliever sending it.

Then there is the scripture of how, we as Christians are to bless those who curse us. This is also true and must be initiated. Since we obviously have to deal with the curse and do not want it to affect our lives, we return it. Then we take it a step further and release a blessing of: conviction unto repentance to them, that they may see the wrong they have done and repent of it, to be liberated and forgiven by God. We can also bless them with the understanding of what they have been doing and revelation that it needs to cease because of their own curses will be given back unto them according to scripture (Luke 6:36-38) good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Jesus said this right after He told us to judge not, lest we be judged. The word judged there is translated: to condemn, and connotes a curse within the meaning as well. So those who judge us are actually speaking a curse or a word of death toward us as well. This can all be dealt with in peace and without fear. We do not want to give into any fear, even though we may feel it. Fear attracts the enemy and faith makes them flee and even protects us."

George responds:  I really need some time to meditate upon what Jason is saying.  It provides a new and different approach and heads in a direction that, so far, I have stayed away from - sending a curse back to sender.  I am open, for the moment, to the possibility that this might be an important option.  It may be that when Christians curse this is an important way to respond.  However, it does not seem to match the life and spirit of Jesus Christ as I understand it, so I am hesitant.


The "Jesus in Between" Prayer

I have used the Jesus in Between prayer in an article on breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.   As I describe prayers for breaking of a curse my step two is Jesus in Between.  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  From www.HealMyLife.com.

In an aritcle on this site - www.Listening-Prayer.com - called How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between' - a Christian Perspective on breaking Curses and Spells.


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