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The highest court of heaven - God's Council - is the ultimate authority in the spiritual realm on earth.  When this court decides something, no one can reverse it.  What this court enacts, no one can nullify or countermand.  Sometimes it is necessary to go to this highest court to break a curse and stop witchcraft harassment.

A Peace Bond from this court - God's heavenly council - acts to break any curse and block any works of iniquity that have been designed against you.  Every curse or work of evil has less authority and less power than God's council in highest heaven.  Such a peace bond works first in the spiritual realm and then manifests on earth.  "On Earth as it is in heaven."

Sometimes curses and those who crafted them against you seem to follow you everywhere.  Sometimes this person shows up unexpectedly.  Sometimes there presence intrudes into your life and your living place.  You can feel that you are being spiritually harassed.  You may need a peace bond from heaven to be successful in breaking this curse.

If you have been under attack from an evil person, if you have come to sense the depth of evil power against you, you may need, in your desperation, to approach the heavenly court to ask for a peace bond to break this curse.  This may have been the situation of the importunate widow who kept coming to the judge for "justice against her enemies."  Perhaps the judge intervenes with a judicial order that acts like a peace bond.  He commands her enemies to 'get off her back.'  See Luke 18: 1-8.

Write out your brief to the court in a logical and clear way.  Describe who you are, what your life situation is, what you relationship with God is, and what is happening in the way of spiritual harassment.  Ask for a justice from heaven in the form of a peace bond so that this harassment end, every curse be broken and God's Kingdom can come in your life and family.

You may run this by some others who may understand your situation.  I don't know of any Christian lawyers who are expert in these kinds of pleadings, but a lawyer may have some wisdom as to how courts work and what they want to hear.

You may call a special prayer meeting of those in agreement with you to submit this to the heavenly court in prayer.  Do not use such a meeting to repeat all the arguments over and over.  You want godly people who love God and support your case to be an agreement with you.  Only one person is needed to officially submit the brief.  That can be you are someone else.  Before you start make sure that no one present use unhealthy spiritual warfare by trying to bind Satan, etc.

Spend time in reading scripture, praising God and going in to worship.  If it is held at your home, then pray blessing in each room.  Perhaps spray holy water throughout and put oil on the doorways.  Have someone write in a log book the proceedings: what you did and what you prayed for.  Date the entry and everyone present can sign it.

Keep a record in the log book in the days to come of what happened.  

Send me a report as well as what you submitted, how you did it and what you observed after that.  I want to hear reports as to how effective in breaking a curse is praying for a peace bond.

How to Break a Curse by praying for a Peace Bond, is by George Hartwell © 2011.

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