Curse spoken by Palm Reader, Tarot Cards or Gypsies

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Curse spoken by Palm Reader, Tarot Cards or Gypsies

My name is 'Olive' and I just happened to come across you site and reading The Shame Curse really touched the core of my inner being! I have a few questions and would value your advice very much.

Olive recounts many bad things that have happened in her life."

"I have suffered from acute depression since I was eight years old."

"Abuse in my working environment which lead to,"

"A nervous breakdown and therapy and was coming out of it when,"

"I was retrenched from my job of 12 years, and everything came crashing down."

"My siblings humiliated and embarrassed me at this time."

"So here I am unemployed, no money,"

" renting a cottage that's falling down and the landlady hates me,"

" no pension, no medical aid, no holiday for years,"

" no husband, no money for a car service or emergencies,"

" I have prayed and prayed to no avail!"

Then she writes to me: "I have been thinking and thinking; why such bad fortune??? Then it dawned on me, as a child my mother had a friend who read tarots cards and palms.  She read mine and what I do remember her saying is that my life-line is broken and it branches out, she said, one day I would become very ill or something bad will happen in my life.  Not that I want to believe it, but all this seems to be things happening out of my control - can this be a curse pronounced on my life?


George writes:

Yes, good point, there may have been the power of a curse in the pronouncements made by the palm reader. Perhaps that is why this has come to mind.  It would be a good idea would be to pray to clear this up:

1.  Forgiveness for the family for rebellion against God for seeking out the palm reader. 

2.  Renouncing the decision of mother to make this visit. 

3.  Nullify the message spoken be the reader. 

4.  Put God's plans for your life over and above this message.

5.  Ask Jesus to step in between you and the Palm reader to break any curse or transference of spirits.  See 'Jesus in Between' prayer to break curses below.

6.  Listen to God for His blessings for your life.

Peace be with you,


The "Jesus in Between" Prayer

I have used the Jesus in Between prayer in an article on breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.   When breaking a curse my step two is "Jesus in Between."  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  From

See also the article on this site - - called How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between' - a Christian Perspective on breaking Curses and Spells.


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