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This is a web site about Christian prayer and Listening Prayer Therapy.

Listen to God is the theme. You are encouraged to take the listening prayer attitude in prayer. Listening requires humility and submission. Such attitudes are necessary in any relaitonship if there is to be intimate connection. It is certaily appropriate in our approach to God.

There is also boldness, courage and solid faith in one who undertakes listening to God. To listen is to assume the other is willing and able to communicate with us. In listening prayer we boldly go the the throne of God and humbly listen for the heart beat of God. We expect communication with God.

Here is more about what I mean by listening prayer.


Inner Healing - Radiant Living.  

This is a travelling clinic for inner healing and a practicum for those reading and implimenting the Heal My life Foundations Can include public presentations to a wider audience of interested people.

Topics laid out in the Heal My Life - Foundations Book.

Dates: Available at your request whenever a local study and implimentation group is formed in your area that wants to organize this. E-mail George: "ghartwell at rogers dot com."

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Heal My Life - The Foundations (draft version)

In reading these you move through different steps in the process of a Listening Prayer therapy session:

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Listening Prayer Therapy for Inner Healing & Emotional Healing:

Listening Prayer Therapy brings inner healing to traumatic memories, transforms core beliefs as part of professional counseling. 


Prayers of Protection


Breaking Curses through Christian Prayer

Yes, Christians can break curses sent against them.  You do not need to pay someone to do it.  (You should not be consulting psychics.  That will make things worse.)  Do not be passive.  Take authority in Jesus name.  Learn how to pray effectively and daily. Share your experiences by sending me an e-mail.

If you do not learn to deal with curses, spells and voodoo then these could damage your family, your finances, your health, your love relationships and your job opportunities.  This is war.  Learn to fight.  Establish a perimeter of defense with prayers of protection.  Learn safe ways to break curses and even "return to sender."


The Shame Curse - Withdrawing Affirmation, Recognition and Blessing

When family, church or school mates choose to ignore, shum, withdraw social connection, cut off, fail to affirm, recognize, listen to  or bless you, the result is like a curse.  The result is death.  I can this the Shame Curse.  One can also be speaking and choosing death oneself - see Inner Healing prayer for Shame and Cancer.


Spiritual Warfare - Healthy and Unhealthy

Spiritual warfare is not about binding Satan or territorial powers of darkness.  Be careful.  If you launch into binding territorial spirits or binding Satan you will come under unecessary attack.  Like myself and others you can experience financial losses, loss of health and family and marriage difficulties.  You can lose your job and find it difficult to get a new one. 

That is why John Paul Jackson wrote the book: "Needless Casualties of War."   The damage you will reap is exactly like the damage done by someone cursing you.  I know I was there.  I lost a good job and experienced serious underemplyment.  Friends who did this also experienced financial losses, loss of health and family and marriage difficulties.

Testimony: "Truly may God bless you. Thank you very much! what a relief! I have been thinking why do I have to fight on a daily basis against the forces of darkness. Why do I to believe in Christ and have to go and fight my own battle? Not Knowing I had been taught wrongly about this spiritual warfare. I found your website by accident and what a wonderful accident it was!  Yesterday morning at 1:30 am and stayed on until 3:30am. Just wanted to shoot you a e-mail to thank you for your take on this issue. I tried it and immediate relief and restoration of peace already!! God Bless You.  Many many thanks! "


What is Prayer?


Various Types of Prayer: 


Praying for the Holy Spirit


Healing Prayer - Prayers for the sick: 


Agnes Sanford Prayers


Christian Marriage Counselling:


Wrongful spiritual warfare can result in a miserable life - exactly like one was cursed.  I also write about curses - protection from curses and breaking off curses, however, the first thing I need to check when a Christian is showing the signs of being under a curse is whether they have participated in wrongful, what Leanne Payne would call arrogant, spiritual warfare.  What does this bad spiritual warfare look like?

In brief wrongful spiritual warfare involves direct prayer against Satan, binding angels and attacking the higher powers of darkness.  It includews the teaching that Peter Wagner calls 'strategic spiritual warfare.' 

My attitude toward prayer is that it is fully cooperative with God and fully respectful of man's free will.  As a result I do not teach how to impose your will, plans or agenda on others.  Loving prayer does not control, manipulate or control God or others.

Listening prayer is courteous prayer is done in cooperation with God.  Prayers done after listening to God are loving prayers and they are powerful prayers.  God's word in your mouth shakes and overthrows nations said Yahweh to Jeremiah (1:9,10).  When you start all prayer with listening prayer you become available to receive and speak the word of God.  You open yourself to prophetic listening.  In the end prayer becomes a prophetic act. 

A true ambassador follows orders from his government and has open communication with his government leader.  Listening prayer enables us to partner with God rather than impose ourselves upon God.  The humility of Listening prayer allows us to act as God's agent - to pray "in Jesus name."  In fact, this was modelled by Jesus who did nothing without His Father and only did what he say the Father doing.

The website, therefore, reorients prayer; introduces a new prayer paradigm.  This new paradigm starts with these principles:

One:  Our prayers do not tell God what to do.  We do not "write our ticket with God."  We do not nag, plead and cajole God.  Our attitude must be humility.

Two:  The praying Christian is in partnership with God.  Our attitude, our listening, results in more effectiveness when we do speak.  starting with humility we may end with boldness.

Three:  This listening relationship with God and this partnership with God becomes a lifestyle.  We are listening to God as we live and as we pray.

Four:  Since God is love, when we listen to God our life and prayers will be motivated by love.  They that wait upon the Lord become identified with Him and take on His heart attitude.

Five:  Since God is our Healer; our life and prayers will bring healing to others.  As we tune in to His heart by listening to Him we will pick up that His heart is to heal.  (We see this attitude and fruit in the ministry of Jesus.)

So, allow yourself to reorient yourself to prayer and to God.  Fundamental to this new orientation - to God, to prayer and to love - is humility and listening.

My hope and promise is that as you absorb this new attitude you will be safe and effective in spiritual warfare and other types of prayer.  Being more fruitful should bring you more joy.  Joy brings you confidence and energy.  This is the joy and energy of victory in Christ.

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